Letter from James E. Wood to George Modlin and Reply

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Letter from James E. Wood to George Modlin and Reply
Baylor University


This entry includes a letter from Professor James E. Wood, Professor of Religious Studies at Baylor University, to the former President of the University of Richmond, George Modlin. Wood wrote that he was intrigued by the Report of the Joint Meeting of the Education Commission of the Southern Baptist Colleges and School, which featured The University of Richmond’s Admissions Committee. The report stated that ten southern, baptist schools had begun to integrate their schools at varying levels. Because of this, Professor Wood wanted to know the names of these baptist colleges that have begun integration at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since, Baylor had not yet started the integration process, he felt that knowing these schools would be helpful guides for them to follow. Dr. Modlin’s Secretary, Anne Inman, replied to Professor Wood to inform him that the University of Richmond’s Board of Trustees had not yet changed its segregation policy and the University would not be accepting African American applicants. The letter from Baylor to the University of Richmond indicates how Southern colleges with Baptist roots looked to each other to seek guidance on policy changes and social adaptations to their institutions.



Wood, James E. James Wood to George Modlin, August 23, 1961. Letter from Virginia Baptist Historical Society. The George M. Modlin Papers.


August 23, 1961


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RG Box 29, Folder 13


Virginia Baptist Historical Society, George M. Modlin Papers


Baylor and Uof R correspondance.pdf



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