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Dedication to Miss Susan M. Lough

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Dedication to Miss Susan M. Lough
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Detail of description of Miss Susan M. Lough


A description of Miss Susan M. Lough, who received the dedication of the Westhampton College yearbook of 1930. The description states "To you, whose smiling Irish eyes have been a source of joy to us..." Lough was the head of the department of history at Westhampton College and was known in the community for her lectures on international aspects of student life. Lough was an active professor on campus and is remembered for her speeches addressing international issues, bringing information from different countries around the world to the Westhampton College campus. Lough was a member of the University Peace Council and sponsored the International Relations Club. Lough was also a global traveller and would gather historical and cultural updates about the countries she visited; for example in 1935 Lough returned from a trip to Germany and discussed the role women were playing in "New Germany". Susan M. Lough acted as a source of information on global cultures, international relations, and American impact on the greater world while working on campus.


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