The 1930 Sophomore Class Bio

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The 1930 Sophomore Class Bio
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The 1930 Bio of Richmond College Sophomore Class Students, attention to 3rd, 4th, and 11th students


The bio of the 1930 Richmond College Sophomore class which includes student Sidney W. Quong has listed his hometown as Norfolk, VA. Quong refers to himself as a Chinese student and is a member of the Chinese Club where in 1929, his Freshman year, he was the toastmaster for a dinner held for eleven faculty members where he expressed gratitude on behalf of the Chinese students for the acceptance they have felt and the kindness they have been shown in this country. This gathering celebrated with Chinese food in traditional Cantonese style, which the December 1929 Collegian claims "added to the Oriental effect." So it seems that the Chinese Club and its members felt included and a sense of belonging in Virginia although terms such as Oriental were still used to describe their Chinese cultural background. Quong was also the assistant manager of the Yo-Yo Club, a member of Alpha Delta (the Ministerial Fraternity) as well as the Young Men's Christian Association, a First Bass in the Glee Club, and served on the selection committee for the Y.M.C.A.


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